shaunacooperinc. is a global multi-strategy consulting agency.
we create, manage & measure strategic solutions for individual, startup, not-for-profit and enterprise clients.  we are dedicated to growing your success.

we deliver personal, collaborative, integrated solutions designed to
elevate your position in the marketplace.
— shaunacooperinc.

It's taken you a long time to build your career or business and we respect that. our collaborative approach and strategic solutions build on the great work that you're already doing - to grow your brand at every level.

our strategic solutions offer a path to realizing your short and long term goals.

shaping your carer path takes hard work and vision.  and shaping your brand is a great way to integrate your talents, skills, and experience - to best represent you.  let us help you achieve your short and long term goals.


we offer: a suite of career elevation services, individual career assessments and one-on-one consultations. 

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a big business, is just a startup that grew.
— shaunacooperinc.

each of the brands we love, started with founders. that one person or hand-full of people, just like you - with an entrepreneurial spirit, and rolled up sleeves – determined to create success through doing that very thing that they most care about and at core love. 

they worked to create a service, a product, a lifestyle - a vision – a utility that can serve and reach each of us – in a unique and valuable way. and those founders of great brands – found a way to make those businesses profitable, sustainable and great.  let’s design the strategy for you.


we offer: a suite of strategic services | brand management | digital assets | business assessments | marketing plans | project management

there is no competition, only customers.
— shaunacooperinc.

it’s no easy task leading a business in today’s market. balancing operational challenges with fluctuating market demands within your contributive landscape can prove to be a challenge for even the most savvy organization. our collaborative multi-strategy approach allows you to identify impediments and implement solutions designed to move your business forward.


we offer: a full suite of services designed specifically for you. 

join our band!
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